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Welcome to Close the Loop!  Buying recycled products from Close the Loop saves the consumer significant expense over time, supports small, progressive, environmentally responsible product manufacturers who create innovative materials, recycled products and green building materials.  Close the Loop offers many recycled products that can be used to improve the beauty surrounding your home/business while minimizing annual maintenance (plastic lumber posts for fencing, glass mulch) and improve the safety surface of your children's playground or public-use playgrounds (rubber mulch).

Landscape Glass Mulch
                  Rubber Mulch                                       Plastic Lumber: Livestock Posts                  Glass Mulch
                 Rubber Timbers                                     Raised Garden Beds                                   Zen Garden~Glass Sand
                                                                         Plastic Vineyard Posts                                  Glass Mulch Stepping Stones
               Square Rubber Tiles                                                                      Other:  
          Horse Footing, Equestrian Mulch                                                              Newspaper/Newsprint Pencils      
                                                                                                                Unique Gift Ideas

We also offer recycled gifts and promotional pens/pencils, along with many other hand-made unique products of high-quality and workmanship by local artisans, see products.  Read the latest issue of THE LOOP E-newsletter!

New Recycled Products!

   Rubber Driveway Spikes         Colored Glass Roadways                Glass Blocks

Rubber Driveway "Spikes"
Rubber Driveway "Spikes"
Colored Roadways/Driveways
Colored Roadways/Driveways
1" Thick Glass Blocks
1" Thick Glass Blocks
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More info on the proposed "Waste Plastic Workgroup".

Thanks for helping to build a better world...
To truly "close the loop", we need to:

1) Collect ~ recycle our waste
2) Manufacture ~ make something new out of it
3) Purchase ~ buy recycled.

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Please choose from our large selection of recycled and environmentally friendly gifts...

For Sale:  
Structural Foam Injection Molding Machine

1984 Wilmington machine

375 ton clamp

50 pound shot size

Machine is in very good condition and operational

Asking price: $250,000.00

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The below map was created by Close the Loop Company for the benefit of all to enjoy nature & open space in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. PLEASE NOTE, some open space locations are not improved for hiking and may have LIMITED public access. Thanks to the Conservation District and the Planning Commission for their assistance with this map of over 500 trails and open spaces to explore!!  View the map directly on google maps ~