More than a Mission

Welcome to Close the Loop!
There is an increasing range of recycled products in the marketplace, usually meeting or exceeding demands of quality, availability and reliability. The barriers lie in finding ways of increasing public awareness, acceptance and confidence in recycled content products. Recycling supports new jobs, preserves natural resources and is a win-win situation for everyone.

Recycling success is not determined solely by the amount of materials collected but also by the amount processed and reused in new products and materials. Without attention to this part of the equation, recycling simply does not work in the long-term.

By viewing our waste as a resource, we can move towards a sustainable materials economy, while reducing the burden on our landfills and preserving our environment.

Close the Loop is dedicated to effecting a positive force for social and environmental change within our community by promoting reuse & recycling, building the acceptance & use of alternative recycled materials, and holding community events such as a GIVE & TAKE DAY, and WEBSITE BUILDING workshops.

Thanks for helping to build a better world...
To truly "close the loop", we need to:

1) Collect ~ recycle our waste
2) Manufacture ~ make something new out of it
3) Purchase ~ buy recycled.

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