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1" Thick Glass Blocks

Beautiful architectural-vintage-industrial finds ~ 

Vibrant Glass Blocks can be used for small or large projects.

Art Glass Blocks in various colors:

  • Can be used to create stained glass windows
  • Molten glass is poured into forms often with various colors mixed in to create swirls and whirls of design. 
  • Air bubbles and cooling cracks are intentionally part of the unique style and structure of each slab. 
  • These inch-thick, molded glass forms in a number of vivid colors make luscious eye candy when backlit in a window or light box. 
  • They are also ideal as colorful, festive cheese platters, sushi plates, table trivets. 
  • Mount several in the garden as brilliantly sunlit screens. Revel in the intoxicating quality of thick, pure colored glass. 
  • Each block is unique. They look wonderful in a mix 
  • These blocks date to the 1980s as new-old-stock from a midwestern stained glass-making company. 
  • A substantial quantity is available for your large or small project. 

HEIGHT: 12 in. (30 cm)
WIDTH: 8 in. (20 cm)
DEPTH: 1 in. (3 cm)
Weight:  Approximately 8 pounds per block

Minimum quantity of 30 blocks at $ 12.50 each = $375 + Shipping (please contact us for a shipping quote, need zip code, thanks!)