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Colored Roadways & Driveways


Our aggregate has many applications:

  • colored road lanes
  • color coded pathways
  • landscaping as a mulch
  • polished concrete floors
  • terrazzo tile and countertops
  • swimming pools
  • crafts and artwork
Product is sold in 50 LB bags or 2000 LB supersacks.  Please contact us for a quote:  we'll need zip code, dimensions of area, and color selection.

Road Demarcation

We use a proprietary coating process, produces recycled color coated glass aggregate able to withstand years of roadway use while maintaining its durability, color fastness, and friction rating.

Whether inside or outside make a statement with colorful terrazzo finishes, exposed aggregate slabs or color coded pathways – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

What makes us unique:

We provide a color coated recycled glass aggregate. The glass particles are completely coated on all sides. Even if the top coating is worn away, the underlying color on all of the facets reflects through the clearglass matrix, much like a mirror. The glass helps filter out U/V adding to the longevity of color.


Our color coated recycled glass is used in road demarcation and skid resistant surface applications. The color coated glass can also be used in spray on applications, landscaping, and integrated in terrazzo concrete finishes.

Environmentally friendly water based coating.

Variety of colors for your specific design and application.

100% recycled glass.

Pigments with high color fastness ratings for long lasting UV protection.

Angular particles of amorphous silica composition provide a skid resistant aggregate.

Virtually no sharp edges.

We also offer epoxy for installation of the glass in these quantities ~ please contact us for pricing:

Unit Size

Cartridge 600 ml

1 gallon (3.78 Liters)

2 gallon (7.57 Liters)

10 gallon (37.85 Liters)

110 gallon (278 Liters)

500 gallon (1892 Liters)