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35 Pounds Clear Glass Balls
Recycled Clear Glass Balls
Very Small Size
Uses include:
Glass Vases
Landscaping Glass
more home decorating ideas and art and craft supply...
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Materials Needed to Make Rainstick
Cut paper ends larger than tube
Cut and twist 2x length of tube with aluminum foil
Cover one end of rainstick with paper & rubberbands
Add 1/2 cup Close the Loop's Glass Balls
Cover end of rainstick with paper, rubberbands and twine
Decorate with permanent markers
Finished Rainstick with Glass Balls
A 35 pound box of recycled clear glass balls will make about 100 rainsticks using 1/2 cup in each stick.  This is a great craft idea to do with a group of students or young chilidren!  They'll love it!!