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ADA Compliant Rubber Mulch/Rubber Tile Playground
ADA Compliant Rubber Mulch/Rubber Tile Playground
Meeting ASTM & ADA Standards
for Public Playgrounds

ADA Standards - Rubber mulch provides superior shock absorption well within the established ASTMI criteria and the environment becomes ADA compliant when a handicap accessible walkway is installed between the handicap parking area and the equipment transfer station.  This can be accomplished by installing a macadam path from the parking area to the playground perimeter, then installing an ADA compatible walkway to the playground transfer station or ramp.  Check the fall height attenuation characteristics (obtained from the supplier) of the walkway material that is placed within the equipment safety zone. 

A copy of Rubber Mulch ADA Compliance Letter from the ASTMI Chair F15.29 is available upon request from Close the Loop.

Toll-Free ADA Information Line - Call to obtain answers to general and technical questions about the ADA and to order technical assistance materials: 800-514-0301 (voice) 800-514-0383 (TDD)

ASTM Standards - In a recent test, Pennsylvania State University Biomechanics Laboratory evaluated rubber mulch for its force attenuation properties and found that it surpassed all other safety coverings by a large margin.

This mulch is clean, safe and soft cover made of recycled rubber. It absorbs impacts, will not pack down or compress, but leaves tiny air pockets that provide a cushioning affect. Unlike rubber mats and other hard surfaces that cause skin abrasions, rubber mulch provides 120 "G" HIC (2) safety margin equating to a child free falling from 10 feet and landing on her head.
(1)          ASTM standard specifications F1292
(2)          120 times the acceleration of gravity/Head injury criteria