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Grants for Improving Playground Safety

Need to raise money for your playground? There are many unsafe, old and outdated playgrounds that our children are playing on. However, the replacement of playground equipment and surfacing can be a costly enterprise for your organization.  Note that through our research we have located grants that are available to help provide funding:

Besides networking with individuals in the community, a great way to find these foundations are to log onto the web. Web sites available to disseminate grant-related information are (Foundation Center) and (Council on Foundations).

PRPS - Pennsylvania Recreation & Park Society has a program call RecTap - Recreation and Parks Technical Assistance Program.  For more information: 

Don't know how to write a grant?  There are courses available to help out -
EFFECTIVE GRANT WRITING FOR NON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS - NEPA's Pocono Northeast Development Fund (PNDF).  For more information, visit:

Check the Internet:  Start your search on any search engine, such as and enter in the following:  (note, replace Pennsylvania with your state).  You will find a wealth of resources.  SEARCH:   grants + playground + Pennsylvania