Terrazzo Glass Mulch

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TERRAZZO Glass, Available in Sizes: Fines, #00, #0, #1, #2, #3
Terrazzo Glass Mulch is used in terrazzo floors, countertops or many craft & decorative applications including aquariums, aquarium gravel, swimming pools, flower arrangements, fireplaces, fire pits, flower fairy gardens, outdoor fireplaces and more.

Choose from a wide selection of eye-catching colors and sizes of tumbled glass mulch to spruce up your home or business. The proprietary production process produces glass that has virtually no sharp edges. These mulch mixes work especially well for garden pathways.

Close the Loop offers many colors of tumbled glass mulch, used in fire pits, landscape walkways or anywhere you would like to add some vibrant color!  Glass mulch is a permanent mulch that never fades or needs replacing, is virtually maintenance free, and available in various sizes.  Terrazzo Glass Mulch can be used for countertops, flooring, fireplaces, aquariums, flower arrangements, ashtray sand, garden paths, Zen gardens, fairy gardens, centerpieces, DIY projects like stepping stones & rock gardens, and water features.  Our glass mulch goes through rigorous tumbling processes in order to ensure precise sizing.  Our landscape glass is 100% recycled glass made in the USA.

For quotes over 250 pounds, please send us an email with color, size, quantity & full shipping address, or call us anytime Monday - Friday 8am-5pm 570.629.8414 for a full written estimate...

Thank you for using our recycled terrazzo glass mulch!

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