Close the Loop Website Building Workshops

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Feedback from the workshop:
I would like to first commend you for taking the time and offer the presentation for everyone today. Secondly, I more so enjoyed your thoughtfulness, vision on helping others, and your positive attitude, this are good qualities that makes a person successful, not only in business, but in ones life.
I thought your seminar was great even though I did not get to stay for the whole thing. You provided a lot of really useful information and it is great that you are willing to share it to help people start their own web based businesses.
Overall I think it was a great seminar and the number of people who attended definitely shows there is a lot of interest.
Hi Rita
thank you so much, it was great class & meeting you yesterday, i completley agree with you, if we all get together and help each other we could make a difference in jobs & better PA :).
thank u again.
Thank you so much Rita ... I was the second woman you filmed yesterday. Your content was layman friendly, current and easy to follow. Having an easy to follow handout was the icing on the cake to a free workshop!
I hope to connect with you again soon as I develop my business, I think we could mutually benefit as my idea involves plastic/rubber too.
I also appreciate your prompt follow-up with informative attachments. Best of luck with all your endeavors.
Thank you again Rita for conducting the Entrepreneur Workshop seminar the other day!
I feel I have a few good ideas(or at least I think so) where my mind is like a popcorn machine w/ the kernals popping with ideas,and your seminar certainly provided me with a good starting point...
Good luck and thank you again!
One of the videos below is hard to hear, here is the transcript:
I was here at the seminar for Rita, building a website on a shoestring, there's no strings can do it, very affordably. Any opportunity there is to go out and see a seminar with Rita, I strongly suggest it, you will not be disappointed.

Since 2009, Close the Loop has partnered with Monroe County, PA CareerLink to hold free classes for unemployed and underemployed men and women who want to start their own internet businesses ~ We have written a free E-book on this subject:   "Building a Business Website on a Shoestring Budget" ~ To request to be a part of the next class or to register, please contact Monroe County CareerLink at  570.620.2850, or email us at for a free copy of the E-book.